At the Collision conference in Toronto, Jeremy sat down with Halsey Minor, the entrepreneur and businessperson best known for starting CNET in 1992. He is currently the CEO of VR startup Live Planet and was an early believer in Salesforce – in fact, he was the second-largest shareholder when the company went public.

Halsey built CNet into a top 10 website that was a $500 million business. about $5M of that was doing TV shows for SyFy, USA and CNBC. He had always wanted to innovate in television the same way they CNET had innovated online, so when he saw VR come along, it began to feel like it had potential to turn into something. We spoke to Halsey about his journey with VR, where he sees the medium going, and how he’s been able to consistently spot trends ahead of the rest of us.

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