Tim Draper on Bitcoin, Bold Moves, and a Willingness to Fail

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After a brief hiatus, we’ve got a number of high impact shows over the next few weeks. First up is Tim Draper, who Jeremy recently sat down with at the Collision conference in Toronto. If you’re not familiar with Tim, he’s probably one of the most acclaimed VCs in the United States. He’s built his fortune by making early investments in tech startups including SkypeTwitter, and Ring, in addition to cryptocurrencies, and one of the reasons why we like to talk to VCs on FUTUREPROOF is, simply put, they’re tasked with figuring out the future on an ongoing basis. Tim discusses everything from:

  • Toronto’s emergence as a tech hub, 
  • Why Bitcoin is huge
  • Thinking ahead 
  • How investors need to have a willingness to fail

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